Crofthouse Museum

The Shetland Crofthouse Museum is now open daily for the 2024 summer season.

Head down to the delightful setting of Dunrossness and step back in time as you enter the traditional 19th century thatched crofthouse.

Opening Times: view the Shetland Crofthouse Museum's opening times here.

Admission: The Crofthouse Museum is free to visit, with donations welcome.
Group Tours: For groups of eight people and over please email us to book.
Note: small charge of group tours.

Events: Night by the Fire - Traditional Music & Stories | Tickets £22
Taking place once a month throughout the summer: Tues 4 June; Tues 9 July; Tues 6 August; Tues 10 September.

The Shetland Crofthouse Museum is operated by Shetland Museum and Archives.

The property is presented in the style of how it would have looked in the 1870s. Smell the peat fire, discover the box beds and try to set the traditional Shetland mouse trap. The crofthouse also has a lovely garden.

Hear our knowledgeable custodians tell stories about how it would have been to live in a typical crofthouse and what families would have to have done to make a living from the land.

The Shetland Crofthouse Museum is situated in Dunrossness, Boddam and is easy to reach by public transport. Click here to view the ZetTrans website for the latest timetables and information.

Accessibility: Due to the nature of the building it is not suitable for wheelchair access. Entry to the crofthouse site is down a narrow, steep sloped track with three steps at the start of the path. The doorways into the interior of the buildings are narrow, the door-lintels are low and the floor is uneven.

Group Tours
For groups of six people and over please email us to book. Please note the Crofthouse Museum's capacity is 15 people - larger parties can be split, while one group has the tour the other can explore the gardens and surrounding area.

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