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Shetland heritage conference – shaping the future together

Shetland Amenity Trust and Shetland Heritage Association have come together to host their first joint Heritage conference in March. ...

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Don't Stop Me Now - Up Helly Aa 2023

Hit's been a miss. They last visited in 2020, last Tuesday in January as always, and just before the deluge. That last Tuesday in 2021 ...

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The ‘Harriet’ unveiling honours phenomenal fundraising effort

Last night saw the official unveiling of the ‘Harriet’ portrait at a civic ceremony at Shetland Museum and Archives (Sunday 29 ...

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Special UHA 2023 Events and Extended Opening Times

Visit the Shetland Museum and Archives during Up Helly Aa week - discover our world renowned collections, explore our Viking past and ...

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30th anniversary of the Braer oil disaster

January in Shetland is usually dark, wet, and stormy, enlivened by a few celebrations of Old Christmas and New Year. The excitement ...

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Festive Opening Hours

Visit us at the Shetland Museum and Archives this festive season.

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Shetland Museum and Archives closed

Shetland Museum and Archives and Hay's Dock by the Dowry will be closed today (Wed 14 December)

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Straw Crafts Club Update

We’re into the fourth week of our winter evening craft sessions using oat straw, and it’s been really encouraging to see the ...

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End of an era - last orders at tearooms

For more than a century there’s been a tearoom at the south end of Commercial Street, between the Post Office and the Tolbooth.

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Remembering George P.S. Peterson

George P.S. Peterson died recently at the age of 90. He was a notable archival source, teacher, writer, storyteller, folk dancer, and ...

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Art’s Cool Exhibition Review by Paul Bloomer

The Gadderie at Shetland Museum and Archives has been transformed into what can only be described as an overwhelming and overflowing ...

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Shipwrecks in Shetland - the latest

We were delighted to have maritime archaeologists, Colin and Paula Martin back with us last week to record finds from three East India ...

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School talent on display in new ‘Art’s Cool’ exhibition in Da Gadderie

A colourful new schools’ art exhibition opens on Saturday 12 November in Da Gadderie at Shetland Museum and Archives.

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Shetland Museum open evening kicks off traditional straw crafts winter club

Shetland Museum and Archives is launching a series of winter evening sessions which will focus on craft techniques using oat straw and ...

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New exhibition celebrates the artwork of John Johnson: Hobby Artist at Sea

A new exhibition of paintings by Shetland resident John Johnson will be launched in the Shetland Museum and Archives on Friday 4 ...

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