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Up Helly Aa has a most interesting history

With the cancellation of Up Helly Aa there will be no torchlit procession, galley burning or all night partying this year. These ...

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The Shetland Archives - behind the searchroom

In the Shetland archives, we are lucky to have an enormous collection of our recent-forebears on tape. There are recordings of men and ...

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'Fair Game’ a major new online exhibition launched as part of the Between Islands project

The project highlights the historical cultural links between the islands of Shetland, Orkney, and the Outer Hebrides, while exploring ...

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New Baltic ware collection on display for the first time at Shetland Museum

A collection of colourful Skovi Kapps which highlight Shetland’s trading and maritime links with Russia during the 19th century is ...

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Fair Isle Chairs on display in Da Gadderie

An exciting new exhibition of Fair Isle Chairs by local carpenter Eve Eunson is on display in Da Gadderie in Lerwick. In collaboration ...

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Unveiling the Shetland War Memorial, 6 January 1924

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, the time of the armistice that ended the Great War. Remembrance in ...

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Peter and Olla

Archivist Brian Smith retells the story of cousins Peter and Olla, two very different characters, who met one notable New Year's eve. ...

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80 Year Anniversary of the Radar Station that saved the British Home Fleet in Orkney during WW2

The significance of the Radar Station at Sumburgh Head cannot be overestimated. Exactly 80 years ago today this Station was ...

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