Harvest from the Sea

Pass through the harvest from the sea zone to discover the many resources provided by the sea. The sea prevented starvation, and islanders ate many kinds of fish and shellfish, each having its own specialised method to catch them. Find out what seaweed and driftwood were used for, and why whales and birds were hunted.

This zone explains how Shetland life benefited from German and Dutch mariners, and visitors will see the kind of things which were traded between the islanders and these mariners.

Themes here include: The sea’s rich habitat, resources provided by the sea, methods of catching fish, and Shetland’s trading links.

Highlights include:

  • A cast of a leatherback turtle – brought to Shetland by the North Atlantic drift, and found off Yell in 2000.
  • Grapnel - a hooked tool used for gathering seaweed.
  • Clothing and tools used by fishermen at sea.