Boat Trips

Shetland Museum and Archives is perfectly positioned on Hay’s Dock to showcase just some of the traditional Shetland boats in the collection. Several of these have been reconstructed using original designs and methods and are therefore available to use for practical demonstrations of how these craft handled.

During the summer months, our seafaring Visitor Services Assistants offer free boat tours around Lerwick Harbour to visitors. Step into the Sixareen Vaila Mae and take up the oars to feel for yourself how it felt to row this boat. Examine the skilled craftsmanship evident in the construction of the boat and admire the views of the town from a different perspective!

The Pilot Us is an original motor boat which is still in operational order and occasionally takes to the sea with passengers for a short cruise around the harbour.

These trips are weather dependent and numbers are restricted for practical reasons. Trips will be announced over the public tannoy, or ask at reception between June and August if any are planned on the day of your visit. Lifejackets will be provided.