Photos in a Flash - Instant Photo Printing

December 8th 2015

Visitors to Shetland Museum and Archives can now access instant prints from a wide range of popular photo archive images from the database.

The new service is available through the public access computers in the first floor galleries, where visitors can choose from a selection of photographs from the archive, with the option to print and collect from Reception.

Images will be searchable by theme and will cover a wide range of topic such as schools, shops, textiles, agriculture etc. The images included have been chosen for their popularity, interest, and aesthetics.

A4 prints will be supplied for £6.00 each without having to wait several days for delivery as with orders placed through the photo archive website. Instead prints will be ready to collect in around 15 minutes per image. Although this does not extend to the full collection as yet, more images will be added if demand increases.

The public access computers also offer visitors access to the Archives document catalogue, a presentation of other visitors ‘favourite objects’, and a database of Shetland’s geological make-up; offering helpful hints and tips for getting out and about to experience Geopark Shetland – a UNESCO Global Geopark.

Museum Curator, Ian Tait, said “We know that folk have more online access nowadays to things like the photo and document archives and images of the collections. The idea behind this ‘Virtual Viewpoint’ is to give them something more than they can get online – immediate access to printed images or documents and a shared experience of the favourite objects of other visitors. In addition, the geology database, created by the late Professor Derek Flinn, has not previously been publicly available and we’re delighted that we can expand on the gallery displays for our islands formation, suggesting the best ways to get out and see this.”