Boat Hall

The Boat hall is a stunning open four-storey space with full length windows looking out over the dock, almost bringing the sea into the room.

The acoustics in this area are outstanding and it has successfully been used for a number of music events, choirs and poetry readings. The Boat Hall is a very popular choice for wedding ceremonies and breakout sessions during meetings or conferences.

The historic Sixareen which is displayed in the Boat Hall can either serve as a beautiful backdrop to your event, or can be removed to fully open up the 70m2 of floor space. This allows theatre style seating for up to 120 people, tabled seating for 80 or space for 100 people standing.

Unfortunately due to safety concerns the traditional boats that were suspended in the Boat Hall have been brought down. They have now been relocated to the Boat Shed where they can be viewed. We are exploring alternative options for the space, including art installations with a maritime focus.