Logical Confusion – a retrospective exhibition of the artistry of Mike McDonnell

Saturday, November 25th 2023 - Sunday, February 25th 2024
Da Gadderie, Shetland Museum and Archives

A themed exhibition of Mike McDonnell's work which shows the diversity of his work as an artist, community artist, informal educator and creative initiator.

Themes include:Ships and the Sea; The Fishing; Education and Inspiration; Politcs and Religion; Musical Recycling; Green Themes.

Mike McDonnell lived and worked on the island of Yell, where his quirky, irreverent work echoed the Shetland propensity for poking fun at local politicians and each other as evidenced in the annual Up Helly’aa fire festivals. Mike’s work is on permanent display at the Shetland Museum and at the offices of the Shetland Amenity Trust in Lerwick.