From this Day Forward, Shetland Weddings 1769-2006

From this Day Forward, Shetland Weddings 1769-2006

Saturday, February 16th 2019 - Saturday, March 23rd 2019
Da Gadderie

Exhibition opens at 12pm Saturday 16th February

See Shetland Museum and Archives’ remarkable collection of wedding attire chronicling 250 years of society and fashion in Shetland. Most of the clothing has never been displayed before.

The exhibition will examine changing fashions for weddings worn by Shetland brides, grooms and attendants, including silk dresses, Paisley shawls and highly decorative waistcoats. Each outfit is accompanied by information about the people who wore them. Photographs of couples wearing the clothing are part of the exhibition.

Most of the clothing was made in Shetland. The exhibition includes a focus on dressmakers and the local trade in wedding attire and supplies. Accessories, headpieces, and invitations will also be on display.

Associated events and workshops include: