Paul Bloomer - A Prayer for the Healing of the Nations

Paul Bloomer - A Prayer for the Healing of the Nations

Saturday, June 3rd 2017 - Friday, July 14th 2017

This collection of artwork explores the tensions, fault lines and connections that exist between seemingly opposing forces in a world that is held in a state of perpetual antitheses. Wild birds flying in a state of interconnected harmony are drawn next to images of human decay, bondage and death illustrating the simultaneous rotation of creation and destruction in the circle of life. The dynamics of war and peace, nature and culture, dark and light, present and eternity, physical and spiritual, life and death are wrestled with in the artist’s medium of charcoal and ink.

In a modern, technological world so disconnected from nature where humanity struggles to unite in peace and harmony with the forces of creation, this exhibition does not instruct us how to live but rather asks us to consider how we as people can heal the displacement and disunity of our global community. These drawings portray the dichotomy of humanity’s destructive co-existence with the world of nature. Issues such as the rise of Far Right extremism, environmental pollution and war are immersed amongst the beauty, tranquility and harmonious interconnection of the spirit of nature.

Paul says of his work; “These drawings weep for the world and celebrate the world. Some of the work is redemptive and hopeful and some of it stares hard reality in the face.”

There will be an Artist’s talk in Da Gadderie on Sunday 11th June, staring at 2.00pm. The exhibition opens at 10.00am on Saturday 3rd June and runs until 16th July 2017. For further information please contact John Hunter at the Shetland Museum and Archives on 01595 741559 or