Ingrid Arthur & Robyn Marwick: Tinkin Lang

Saturday, June 18th 2016 - Sunday, August 14th 2016
Da Gadderie

A very personal body of work by two Shetlanders (mother and daughter) exploring themes of family, traditions, memory and connection to a particular place.

Both artists draw inspiration from places and pastimes that are imbued with an inherited sense of significance. To be connected to a landscape that has been worked, sailed, swum and enjoyed by generations weaves an intricate net of family ties.

Bright hues of yellow lichen are saturated with meaning. An old log book represents years at sea. A piece of driftwood that looks like a lump of rock from a distance has beautiful contours up close, lines and patterns and a weather-beaten face with its history written all over it. Marks that look like coastlines inspire curiosity on where its long sea voyage has taken it. Simple things can be the most inspiring.

This exhibition is the realisation of finding both novelty and history in retraced environments, but more than that it is a celebration of those beach-combing walks that bring you back to these places time and again, as mothers and daughters.

The exhibition opens at 2.00pm on Saturday 18th June and runs until the 14th August 2016.