Gadderie Archive

See details of past Gadderie shows by local and visiting artists.

Shetland - Paper, Paint and Clay, by Jane Porter Jacobs and John Jacobs. January 2014

Fragments, by Vivian Ross-Smith and Gemma Balfour. February 2014

Between the Salt and the Corn, by Carolyn Dixon. July 2014

Fenceposts, Rehabilitation and Recreation, by Forbes C. Hogg. February 2015

Archaeology of Journeying, by Jack Chesterman. April 2015

Janette Kerr and Jo Millett - Confusing Shadow with Substance

22/07/2017 - 27/08/2017

A video and sound installation investigating traces of the past at the historic fishing station of Stenness in Northmavine, through a re-imagining of the events and journeys from shoreline to far haaf.


Ingrid Arthur & Robyn Marwick: Tinkin Lang

18/06/2016 - 14/08/2016
Da Gadderie

A very personal body of work by mother and daughter, Ingrid and Robyn, exploring memories and traditions.


Gemma Graham - A Shetland Series; Banks and Skerries

04/03/2017 - 16/04/2017

Studies of physical characteristics of geological landforms.


Scotland's Coasts

15/07/2020 - 01/09/2020
Da Gadderie

A stunning collection of images and stories from Historic Environment Scotland celebrating our incredible coastline and the people who shaped it.


60 Years of the Junior Up Helly Aa

09/01/2016 - 21/02/2016
The Gadderie

A celebration of 60 years of the Junior Up Helly Aa.


Alex Boak - People who touch wool

02/09/2017 - 01/10/2017

A display of images relating to the cultural, social and economic importance of wool in Shetland.


Kay Aplin & Joseph Young: In a Shetland Landscape

16/04/2016 - 12/06/2016
Da Gadderie

Ceramist, Kay Aplin and sound artist, Joseph Young present an exhibition of sound and ceramics celebrating the Shetland landscape.


Evlynn Sharp & Sally Booth: Edges and Extremes - Shetland: People, Place, Industry

20/08/2016 - 02/10/2016
Da Gadderie

A visual and poetry art collaboration between Evlynn and Sally, reflecting sights and sounds of Shetland.


‘Light and Shade’ by Anne Bain and Mike Finnie

24/05/2016 - 25/06/2016
Foyer Corridor

A buy and take away show by Mike Finnie and Anne Bain.


Amy Labourne - War Ruin

17/02/2016 - 29/02/2016
Foyer Corridor

Artist, Amy Labourne will show her recent work focussing on war related ruins in Shetland.