Ebbe and Flow

Ebbe and Flow

Saturday, June 8th 2024 - Saturday, August 10th 2024
Da Gadderie, Shetland Museum and Archives

A travelling exhibition of work by Artists from Norway and Scotland. Touring in its own wooden chest, Ebbe + Flow represents the falling and rising of the tide and references the importance of sea and travel and the spread of language and culture across the North Sea between Norway and Scotland, both historically and today.

It describes the nautical drifting of tides, people and objects across the sea between the two lands, the islands and coastlines, back and forth, the ebb and flow, from East to West and from West to East.

Ebbe and Flow is presented in a specially designed kist (chest) containing individual drawers for each artist and a display space for flat artwork, unfolding to reveal sculptures, drawings, prints, video and artefacts.

Ebbe + Flow is a touring exhibition, stemming from (w)ORD, a four years collaborative communication and artistic research project between nine artists based in Norway and Scotland: Co-curators David Faithfull and Imi Maufe; and Sarah Jost, Marit Tunestveit Dyre, Randi Annie Strand, Calum Wallis, Jon McLeod, David Lemm, Rhona Fleming.