When I Paint, I Remember

Friday, September 2nd 2016 2:00pm
Learning Room

This month we’ll be visiting Da Gadderie exhibition “Edges & Extremes: Shetland & Cornwall, People, Place, Industry” by visual artist Sally Booth and poet Evlynn Sharp. We’ll be exploring the themes of the exhibition, knitting and fishing and have the opportunity to sketch, paint and write poetry using the artist’s work as inspiration.

This is a free event and no booking is required.

Start time: 2.00pm

Held in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland.

Image - Annie Knitting by Sally Booth, 2013

Cast Off A Loop (extract)

Annie never changes her tongue,

Even for a lass afore she was a seed,

Her hands are skating the wires this morning,

And now she is spretting it back…

  • Evlynn Sharp

Category: Arts and Crafts (Adult)