Online Resources

A number of teachers packs have been developed to assist with classroom learning which can be followed up with visits to the Museum and Archives for further investigation into the collections. These are available to download here.

Also available are the 'Writing the North' packs, which were developed during a literature project which involved several local schools. Writing the North was a year-long project designed to bring together literary historians, museum professionals, schools and creative writers of Orkney and Shetland.

Four authors with a strong connection to Shetland were selected for inclusion in the education project. Schools in areas with close ties to these authors were offered the opportunity to get involved and staff and volunteers at the Shetland Museum and Archives developed education packs tailored to each author and school. The packs included biographical information about each author and various tasks to help pupils learn about the work of each writer. The culmination of the activities was a film project at each school where pupils wrote, directed, produced, filmed and edited a film based around each writer and their work. Download the teaching packs linked below.