Research Projects

Shetland Museum and Archives staff carry out, or oversee, a number of in-depth research projects every year, covering all areas of our collections.

These projects often involve ongoing research with partner organisations or visiting researchers or students. The Shetland Museum and Archives collections provide a wealth of information which is valuable to our own research and that of others.

Some of the previous and current research projects will be added to this page for public reference. The resources developed are availble for reference in other publications, however, as these documents and images are the result of dedicated research, the materials should not be reproduced or quoted in other work or publications without the appropriate source reference given.

Research subjects have been varied in recent years, including textiles, shipwrecks and archaeology.

Inside Research Projects

Authenticity in 'Shetland' Lace Knitting

The exhibition of 'Shetland' lace samples in Shetland Museum & Archives Foyer, March 2016 The Authenticity Project developed out of research by Shetland Museum curator Carol Christiansen into knitting patterns labelled ‘Shetland’ in 19th cen...

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