There's lots to do in the museum galleries!

Download activity sheets here or stop by our activity hub in the museum foyer to pick one up.

Mega Maritime Hunt

There's lots of things in the museum galleries which showcase Shetland's maritime past. Hunt for the artefacts shown in the pictures to become a maritime expert!

Viking Hunt

Vikings have escaped into the galleries! Find each Viking, match it to the rune and spell out a mystery word!

Crofthouse Museum Nature Hunt

Shetland Museum & Archives also operates the Crofthouse Museum in Dunrossness. Find out more about how to visit here. Take this nature hunt with you to explore the gardens around the house and discover the nature which calls the area home. Write the letter in the clue you find to spell out a secret word.

The Museum and Archives is managed by the Shetland Amenity Trust, a small charity caring for Shetland's natural and cultural heritage. It is free to visit the Museum and Archives and we work hard to deliver resources and activities to as many people as possible for free. Donations are welcomed to help the Trust care for the collections and our heritage both now and in the future.