Family activity days are regularly scheduled and often tie in with seasonal themes or exhibition topics.

Come along and make a boat to sail, design your own Up Helly Aa shield or enjoy carol singing in the boat hall. See the Event Listings page for details of upcoming events.

Day to day activities in the galleries include dressing up boxes, interactive displays to design a Fair Isle jumper, or even take a virtual tour of the historic fishing station at Fethaland. There are many additional, free, activities for families to enjoy during a visit to Shetland Museum and Archives – see the Visit Us pages for details of what’s on offer.

Inside Families

Viking Longship

Download our Viking Longship Activity Sheet - decorate and name your galley and then share your finished creations with us.

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Museum Gallery Activities

Download activity sheets here or stop by our activity hub in the museum foyer to pick one up.

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Questions to ask your grandparents

Welcome to our 'Ask the Grandparent's' activity sheet to help you find out more about what life was like when they were young. It doesn't need to be your Grandparents that you interview - it can be any person who is special to you. Part 1: inter...

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Tamara the Cow

Here you can find the links to download the Tamara the Cow series.

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St Ninian's Isle Treasure

Here you can find the links to download the St Ninian's Isle Treasure series

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Fair Isle Chairs

Here you can download the Fair Isle Chair activity sheets.

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