Traditional Boat Building Project

Shetland Boat Week is proud to present the 2017 Shetland Traditional Boat Building Project, sponsored by Serco NorthLink Ferries.

Local boat builders, Jack Duncan and Robbie Tait will be in the Boat Shed at Shetland Mueum and Archives during Shetland Boat Week 2017 constructing a traditional, clinker built, fourareen style boat.

The project will showcase traditional boat buiding skills, with local experts on hand to explain the processes Jack and Robbie will use in the construction. In order to share the demonstration of these important skills, the build will also be broadcast live online during the week, 7th to 13th August. You can view this above.

The boat was already started prior to the event, with the keel and Garboard added so that work could begin on adding the planks to the template. This will ensure visitors and webcam viewers will see the most progress during the week. The boat will be finished a few weeks after the event, and presented to NorthLink Ferries who will have the honour of naming and owning her.

Organisers of Sheltand Boat Week woudl like to thank Serco NorthLink Ferries for their support in this valuable project, and the other sponsors of Shetland Boat Week who make all this possible.