Shetland Fish Producers Organisation Provide Buoyant Aid

The Shetland Fish Producers Organisation Ltd have provided financial support for Shetland Boat Week to purchase of 29 new buoyancy aids.

These will replace the ageing equipment owned by Shetland Museum and Archives and ensure that more people can get out in the Museum’s boats over the summer and, in particular, during Shetland Boat Week in August.

Una Simpson, Office Manager of the SFPO in Lerwick, who came down to Hay’s Dock recently to oversee the delivery of the new safety equipment and hear about plans for the maritime festival said, “The SFPO are pleased to be helping the Shetland Boat Week with these buoyancy aids. It’s vital to have the correct safety equipment at sea and developing an awareness of this amongst all boat users is, of course, very important.” Trevor Jamieson, of Shetland Museum and Archives, was also on hand to help unpack the new aids.

Shetland Boat Week co-ordinator, Emma Miller, said “We’re very grateful to the Fish Producers Organisation and their members for supporting the event in this way. The buoyancy aids we had before were a fair age and the small numbers meant we were restricted in how many people we could offer boat trips to. This will make a big difference to Shetland Boat Week, and Shetland Museum and Archives maritime activities in years to come.”

Plans are under way to begin a series of training sessions in the Vaila Mae for experienced sailors to learn the Shetland Squaresail, also known in some areas as Dipping Lug sailing technique. ‘Students’ will take part in the August event as part of the vessels core crew in providing daily harbour trips.

Anyone who has sailing experience and would like to be considered for one of the very limited spaces should email before 4pm on Friday 9th June, and be available on Tuesday evenings.