Pier Store Maritime Display

Saturday, August 11th 2018 10:00am - 5:00pm

This event is also on at the following times:
Sun, 12/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Mon, 13/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Tue, 14/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Wed, 15/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Thu, 16/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Fri, 17/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sat, 18/08/2018 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun, 19/08/2018 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Step inside the restored Pier Store on Hay's Dock to see a range of maritime artefacts not normally on display. And find out more about the ongoing work of the Swan Trust. Swan Trust representatives will be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons to chat about the trips available aboard and volunteering opportunities with the Trust.

Cost: Free