Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

The Shetland Museum and Archives is committed to safeguarding and promoting all of Shetland’s heritage ensuring it is accessible and enjoyed by all. Our island’s history and heritage is an invaluable tool in fighting discrimination in all its forms. We have a duty to ensure that our collections are diverse and representative and that we facilitate anti-discrimination debate and discussion in the care of and access to our heritage collection.

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James A Teit: Tackling racism in the late 1800's

In December 1883, Lerwick Man James Teit emigrated to Canada where he lived and worked with indigenous communities, listening and ...

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Captain Lawrence Irvine

Captain Lawrence Irvine of Bridge of Walls was one of the few Shetlanders to enter the West Indies Trade in the late 1700’s, a trade ...

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Our commitment to equality, inclusion and diversity

The death of George Floyd has prompted a global outpouring of grief and anger that we, as an integral part of society, cannot ignore. ...

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